Backyard Birding Guide

Enhancing Your Birdwatching Experience

Got a couple bird feeders in the backyard and spend your winter afternoons watching the cardinals? Think the best way to enjoy your vacation is to travel to a wild bird sanctuary with binoculars in hand? Here at Bird Feeders Direct, we feel the same: life is all about the birds! We welcome the birding enthusiast and the person who just wants to learn more about how to feed birds in his or her backyard. Birds are more than just common backyard wildlife - they're interesting creatures that add color, life and energy to our yards, especially when the winter is cold and the days are gray.

At Bird Feeders Direct, you'll learn more than just how to feed birds. We do provide information on the right kind of bird food to serve, the right feeder for the birds you want to attract and how to keep away backyard feeder pests, but you'll learn a lot more about how to attract birds to your yard and also what you'll need for birdwatching and birding with kids. We've got crafts and recipes so that you can have fun messing around but still help to feed the animals in your backyard.

Think of it this way: all creatures need food, water and shelter in order to consider a place to be a good habitat. You can provide these essential things for birds by offering them food, whether it's commercially bought or naturally grown, like flowers; water, by giving them access to a bird bath; and shelter, by providing either a bird house or a roosting box for them during the rainy and snowy seasons. We'll tell you what birds like and how to make sure that the attractants you provide will really work.

However, if you're going to attract birds to your yard, you've got to think about the risks your backyard birds may face. These can include anything from predatory animals to window collisions - we'll tell you how to avoid these and keep birds safe. As well, you might find that you're attracting other animals to your yard when you're feeding birds. If you want to keep them coming, you can find instructions on how to feed and shelter them on our site.

Remember, birding can also be fun and a great learning experience for adults and kids alike. Check out the latest birding binoculars and technology in our birdwatching section and learn how to photograph birds. Your photos might be good enough to publish someday, if you're careful enough.

It's a veritable world of learning when you start feeding common backyard birds - and it all starts here at Bird Feeders Direct.