Bird Bath Misters

Shower your birds with love

If you're sweltering and looking forward to a nice cool shower on a hot summer day, just think about how the wild birds in your garden must feel. They have heavy feathers that get clogged with mites and dust and make them very uncomfortable little creatures. If the water in the bird bath is too dirty or hot or the bath is overcrowded with bullying nuisance birds, then smaller birds can't have a good enough bath to make them feel better. What's the solution?

Why, bird bath misters, of course! These are like showers for birds. They resemble sprinklers that shoot out a light mist of water. If you've ever been to an amusement park where they have misters in Coca-Cola drink canteens, then this is the feeling that birds will get when they use a bird bath mister. Simply set it up adjacent to a bush or plant with big leaves and have it spray directly onto the foliage. Many little birds will indulge in “leaf baths”, which basically means that they rub themselves against the wet leaves and leave the dirt and residue on their feathers behind. It's a perfect avian activity for a hot summer's day.

Bird Bath Misters

Misters, which are particularly appealing to small birds like hummingbirds or warblers, can be set so that the water output isn't going to drain your bank account. There are several different settings for misters, from low to high. A common setting for a mister is about a gallon an hour. If you're worried about water conservation or your water bill, why not consider a bird bath dripper? These use less water than a mister, but require a bird bath or bowl to catch the dripping water.

You can also install a mister on a rock pedestal; this will simulate a bath and a mister for birds - the perfect combination! This can be included as part of a bird bath or pond. Bird bath misters can also benefit your plants. With a constant spray of water, you'll see greener foliage in no time - and not have to waste time watering on hot summer evenings.