Bird Houses

Shelter for your favorite bird families

Nothing is better than curling up on your favorite chair in front of a roaring fire when it's snowing outside. Your warm house gives you shelter from the elements and allows you to raise your family in comfort and warmth. Recently, trees where birds could make their homes have been cut down to accommodate humanity's need for shelter. With all this clear-cutting, birds have lost their homes and it's had an impact on populations. However, there's a solution: build a bird house for homeless birds and let them in on the comfort you experience in your own home.

Bird houses are a big attraction to birds; they allow birds to raise a family and take shelter from the elements. In fact, next to feeders and bird baths, bird houses are high on a bird's list of basic needs. While only nesting birds will nest in backyard houses, you're bound to have some tenants in your yard at some point given the commonness of these bird species.

Purple martin bird houses are special nesting boxes that are built for the purple martin, which is a type of swallow known for its beautiful steel-blue feathers. This is considered quite a special species, so people put a lot of work into making sure that the bird houses are built to the birds' specifications. These bird houses are beautiful additions to any yard and you will love to see your purple martin family return year after year.

Roosting Boxes

If you don't have any luck with your bird houses, you can still help birds by building a roosting box. These are airtight boxes with staggered perches on the inside for many birds to take shelter from the elements, especially the cold of winter. The winter's bitter temperatures and rough weather kill many small birds every year, so a roosting box allows them to keep warm and stay out of the snow. These leave no room for nesting, but you will be helping your visitors out a lot, especially if you pair a roosting box with a feeder.

You can buy or build your own bird house, and there are many different plans to follow depending on the type of bird you want to attract. If you decide to buy a bird house, you can choose from many different types, from plain to extremely decorative. Have your bird house be a copy of your own house or create a theme in your backyard to match the rest of your garden decor. You'll be providing a home for birds as well as a conversation piece for any human visitors that come along.

Make sure that once you get a bird house, you understand how to mount it and know your bird house safety basics. As well, learn how to build a nesting box for different species so that they can breed and raise a family without a problem.

Bird houses ensure that you see birds all the time - and a comfortable shelter really helps them stay safe, healthy and well.